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Satellite Weather Imagery Links

This page provides satellite weather imagery resources related to the remote sensing of active weather systems and educational resources for teachers. While not a comprehensive listing, it does provide paths to some of the better weather imagery sites on the internet. Many of the sources provide real time satellite views of the earth.

Our Favorite Satellite Weather Picture Sites

NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center
Our weather satellite data page, where we allow the user to interactively zoom and animate weather satellite imagery from multiple geostationary satellites from around the world.
NWS interactive weather information network a really great site for up to date weather watches and warnings and live feeds.
GOES project science
GOES data server's on the Internet
SSEC - real-time data and satellite images
World Meteorological Organization
NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory
NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery

Other Weather Satellite Links:

Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite (GOMS) data (Russian)
METEOSAT weather satellite images from The University of Nottingham
Other weather links from the University of Nottingham
Polar Orbiter imagery from WTOC TV Savannah Georgia
Significant Tropical Storms Worldwide from the American Legion Post 119 - Gulfport Mississippi.
Dundee weather satellite receiving station (Polar Obiters)
National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS) - geostationary satellite browse server (has NOAA, GMS, and METEOSAT data)
NESDIS - geostationary satellite browse server - special sectors
NOAA Satellite Services Division - Contains imagery schedules and bulletins
The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) -- Lots of products etc.
NASA involvement in the GOES project

FTP Mirror Sites of University of Hawaii data:

NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center satellite server.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Ames Research Center
University College London

This is hardly a complete list of weather resources but the following sources answer many users questions:

NOAA NESDIS Direct Services Division - Navigation, operating schedules, late news about NOAA satellites, and technical publications
Weather satellite educational links
Ftp site to images and programs
Two line elements (TLE's)
Archived TBUS messages since 1983 - archive from Japan
NOAa satellite's GEOmetric correction imagery system (NOAGEO)

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