Brown Bag Seminar Schedule

Global Hydrology and Climate Center
320 Sparkman Dr., Huntsville, Alabama 35805
All Seminars are in GHCC Room 4065, 12:45 p.m.

Wednesday, August 22
“Review of NASA Applied Science Disasters Program”
Michael Goodman (NASA/MSFC)

Wednesday, August 29
“Remote Sensing of Trace Gases Using IR/THs Double Resonance Spectroscopy”
Henry Everett (Army/USAMC)

Wednesday, September 5
“The Effects of Black and Brown Carbon on Clouds and Global Climate”
Mark Jacobson (Stanford Univ.)
Visit Coordinator: Arastoo Biazar (UAH/ESSC)

Wednesday, September 12
“Human Impacts on Environments in the Americas: 2000 BC to Present”
Rob Griffin (UAH/ATS)

Wednesday,  September 19
“Thunderstorms Produce and Send Beams of Antimatter into Space”
Michael Briggs (NASA/MSFC)

Wednesday, September 26
“Gridded Crop Model Using Remote Sensed Weather Data”
Cameron Handyside (UAH/ESSC)

Wednesday, October 3
“GOES-R Program Overview”
Steve Goodman (NOAA)

Wednesday, October 10
“Relationship Between Pollen Release and Meteorology”
Landon Bunderson (Univ. of Tulsa)
Visit Coordinator: Jeff Luvall (NASA/MSFC)

Tuesday, October 16 SPECIAL SEMINAR- RM 1010
“A Low-Cost Multispectral Remote Sensing System Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems”
Haiyang Chao (West Virginia University)
Visit Coordinator: Gary Jedlovec (NASA/MSFC)

Wednesday, October 17
“Detection and Attribution on/of Anthropogenic Forcing to Diurnal Temperature Range Changes”
Liming Zhou (Univ. of Albany)
Visit Coordinator: Sundar Christopher (UAH/ATS)

Wednesday, October 24
“Overview of Some Aerosol Research Issues”
Udaysankar Nair (UAH/ATS)

Wednesday, October 31
“Recent Developments in Severe/Hazardous Weather Research at UAH”
Kevin Knupp (UAH/ATS )

Wednesday, November 7
“Urban Effects on Precipitation, Storms, and Floods: New Perspectives”
Marshall Shepherd (Univ. Georgia)
Visit Coordinator: Dale Quattrochi (NASA/MSFC)

Wednesday, November 14
“The New NWS Huntsville: Looking Back on the First 10 years”
Chris Darden (NOAA/NWS)

Wednesday, November 21
Thanksgiving Holidays—No Seminar Scheduled

Wednesday, November 28
“Titles To Be Announced”
ATS 781 Student Seminar Presentations

Wednesday, December 5
“Estimation of Soil Moisture Profiles From Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing And Application To Agricultural Crop Modeling”
James Cruise (UAH/ESSC)

Wednesday, December 12
“Title to Be Announced”
William Blackwell (MIT)
Visit Coordinator: Gary Jedlovec (NASA/MSFC)

Wednesday, December 19
No seminar scheduled-Upcoming Christmas Holidays