Public Health Applications in Remote Sensing (PHAiRS) Surveillance Project

To bridge individual health and community health by forecasting atmospheric ozone, dust and other aerosols that trigger asthmatic responses or myocardial infarction and by enhancing the NM EPHT early warning system for populations at risk. The three primary tasks are to:
  1. Assimilate NASA MODIS land cover and aerosol optical depth and CALIPSO and GLORY aerosol profile products into air quality models
  2. Verify and validate model outputs and assess improvements to ozone, dust, and other aerosol forecasts
  3. Enhance EPHTS and EPHTN decision support systems with model outputs and forecasts.

Dust observed from NOAA GOES 12 satellite at 20:26 UTC on December 15, 2003. The red dashed line encircles a large dust storm in west Texas.

DREAM modeled dust concentration distributions on December 15, 2003:

Before ingesting NASA MODIS land cover observations
After ingesting land cover observations

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