University of Mississippi Medical Center Public Health Project

Enhance a decision support tool for asthma surveillance, prediction and intervention, called GeoMedStat, developed by the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) by integrating it with NASA research results.

Sources of Ozone data: AQS and OMI
AQS ground measurements Hourly Data
OMI Total Column Ozone Daily data on 0.25deg x 0.25deg grid

Aura OMI- AQS Ozone Relationship
  • Collocated AQS ozone sites and OMI satellite grid points analyzed for 2005 - 2006.
  • Regression equations between daily ground- level ozone and OMI Total Column Ozone (TCO) were determined.
  • Very small correlations were found, perhaps because 90% of TCO is stratospheric, which is uncorrelated with ground-level ozone.

MODIS AOD 10x10 km grid Available 2x/day Clear-sky only
EPA AQS Data Most in urban areas Time intervals 1 hr-6 days

Merged AQS - MODIS

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