This AQ Team Meeting provides a forum to learn about all aspects of the program, identify collaborative opportunities, and support the program leadership in assessing potential directions.

The purposes of the meeting are to:

♦  Present the Air Quality Program’s projects and activities

♦  Provide networking opportunities for Air Quality project teams

♦  Review interagency air quality collaborations and major international activities

♦  Discuss programmatic strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and opportunities

♦  Provide ideas and input on future directions of the Air Quality Program

June 18-20, 2007

The Bolger Center, Potomac, MD

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The NASA Air Quality Program supports activities to apply Earth science research results to air quality management, policy, and decision making. The Air Quality Program seeks to enhance the sustained use of Earth science observations and model products within the air quality community. The program focuses its activities according to four themes: Air Quality Planning, Forecasting, Emissions Inventories, and Compliance.

Since the previous AQ Team Meeting in 2005, the Program has added multiple projects, studies, and initiatives. In addition, the US has developed multiple interagency collaborations in using Earth observations to support air quality, and multiple international air quality activities have developed. The projects have increased the range of satellites and sensors considered for use in Air Quality applications, and many are pioneering collaborations with new partners.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2007 NASA Air Quality Team Meeting. Note: There is no registration fee for this team meeting.

If you have questions about the meeting or the NASA Air Quality Applications Program, please contact:

Lawrence Friedl
NASA Headquarters


Doreen Neil
NASA Langley Research Center