Jonathan L. Case

Jonathan L. Case

Jonathan L. Case

Mr. Case has over 20 years of experience in meteorology and research-to-operations, with a focus on numerical weather prediction (NWP), land surface modeling (LSM), data assimilation, and verification. He conducts NWP and LSM experiments for SPoRT by incorporating unique satellite products into NWP models and determining impacts on forecast models. Mr. Case also generates real-time products for applications with SPoRT partners in the National Weather Service (NWS) and internationally with the NASA SERVIR project. He manages real-time simulations of the NASA Land Information System (LIS) over the U.S. (including SMAP data assimilation), Caribbean, and East Africa in numerous data formats to aid in drought and flood monitoring.

International applications include deterministic and ensemble modeling and verification studies over East Africa and South Asia for NASA SERVIR hubs, including hands-on training sessions in Huntsville, Alabama; Nairobi, Kenya; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Bangkok, Thailand. He is involved in tropical cyclone research by analyzing GPM / IMERG rain rates, providing insight into diurnal fluctuations of storm intensity and structure. Additionally, he works with NOAA NUCAPS sounding profiles and the HYSPLIT model to support nowcasting of convective hazards over the U.S.

Prior to SPoRT and SERVIR, Mr. Case worked with the Applied Meteorology Unit in Cape Canaveral, FL, where he transitioned technologies into operations for improving weather support to Space Shuttle launches and landings, and unmanned rocket launch operations.

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  • Research Meteorologist (June 2006 - Present), ENSCO, Inc./SPoRT, Huntsville, Alabama
  • Research Meteorologist (July 1998 - June 2006), ENSCO, Inc., Applied Meteorology Unit, Cape Canaveral, Florida


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