TEMPO Expected Products

The TEMPO mission will provide a suite of air quality-related products, which will be made publicly available and free of charge via the NASA Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC). The table below show the planned TEMPO Level 0 – Level 4 data products, including proposed products in bold font. Ozone profile product is provided at coarser resolution of 8.0 km x 4.75 km due to requirement of co-adding four pixels to achieve increased signal-to-noise in the final product. Near real-time (NRT) products (latency < 3 hours) have been proposed for cloud, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), formaldehyde (HCHO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and aerosol products. 

Level Product Major Outputs Resolution
L0 Digital counts Reconstructed digital counts 2.0×4.75 Daily/hourly
L1 Irradiance Calibrated & quality flags Daily
L1B Radiance Geolocated, calibrated solar backscattered radiances 2.0×4.75 Hourly, Granule
L2 Cloud Cloud fraction, cloud pressure 2.0×4.75
O3 (Ozone) profile Total, Stratospheric, Tropospheric, & 0-2 km column 8.0×4.75
Total O3 Total column, Aerosol Index 2.0×4.75
NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) Stratospheric & Tropospheric Vertical Column Densities (VCD) 2.0×4.75
HCHO (Formaldehyde) Total Vertical Column Densities (VCD) 2.0×4.75
C2H2O2 (Glyoxal)
H2O (Water Vapor)
BrO (Bromine)
SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
Aerosol Absorbing Aerosol Index, UV & Visible Aerosol Optical Depth, UV Single Scattering Albedo, Aerosol Optical Centroid Height 8.0×4.75
TEMPO/GOES-R Synergistic Radiance, aerosol, cloud & mask, fire/hotspot, lightning, snow/ice, etc. 2.0×4.75
L3 Gridded L2 Same products as L2 2.0×2.0
Hourly, Scan
L4 UVB UV irradiance, erythemal irradiance, UV Index TBD
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