MAIA-TEMPO Environmental Justice Workshop

August 5, 2022
11:00am - 3:30pm CT
Virtual Platform: Microsoft Teams

The NASA TEMPO and MAIA satellite missions are hosting a one-day workshop on August 5, 2022 focusing on matters of air quality environmental justice.
Workshop Details:
The Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) and Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols (MAIA) missions will offer unprecedented satellite-based detail on emission sources and air pollutants at the community level, revolutionizing how we can use satellite data for impactful health and air quality applications, such as environmental justice issues. The MAIA and TEMPO missions and the NASA Applied Sciences Program want to ensure the freely available data from the two missions will be of maximum possible utility to all user groups, including those working in environmental justice.
What will be covered?
The workshop agenda features background information about MAIA and TEMPO, brief demonstrations of the planned data products, as well as a panel of environmental justice representatives speaking on their experience with air pollution work and needs/desires for satellite data.
What are the workshop objectives?
The objectives are to:
  1. Raise awareness about MAIA/TEMPO to the maximum possible number of EJ groups and provide background information on the missions
  2. Improve understanding of the TEMPO and MAIA project teams about this user community’s needs: Are there needs for certain data formats/compatibility/tools? What capacity building resources are needed and desired?
  3. Participate in collaborative brainstorming regarding how MAIA/TEMPO data might be useful to this community
Download Meeting Agenda (XLSX)

Meeting Recording

Time, UTC Description Speaker
15:40 Webex setup and icebreaker questions All
16:00 Introduction from NASA Applied Sciences Program John Haynes
16:05 NASA Equity and Environmental Justice Activities Nancy Searby
16:10 Introduction from workshop organizers Aaron Naeger and Abbey Nastan
16:20 Update on the MAIA project and target areas Abbey Nastan and Sina Hasheminassab
16:35 Update on the TEMPO project and launch Kelly Chance and Xiong Liu
16:50 Questions and discussion All
17:00 Break
17:10 MAIA Capabilities for EJ and Panoply introduction Abbey Nastan
17:30 TEMPO Proxy Data and EJ Applications Aaron Naeger
17:50 Break
18:20 Panelist introductions Abbey/Aaron
18:25 CleanAIRE NC Denise Bruce
Ute Mountain Janice Archuleta and Arlyssia Sells
California Communities Against Toxics Jane Williams
18:55 Panel discussion questions Panelists
19:40 Panel Q and A All
19:55 Whole group: Discussion questions All
20:30 Adjourn
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