Proxy Data

Simulated datasets that match the spatial, temporal, and spectral frequency of the planned satellite architecture are being developed using both numerical modeling output and remote sensing observations. These proxy data are available in multiple data formats to facilitate their integration into existing operational systems. Numerically derived L1 and L2 proxy data products at the TROPICS mean revisit rate are created using a highly realistic Atlantic hurricane, simulated with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model (The “Hurricane Nature Run”, Nolan et al. 2013). Actual FY-3C MWHS 118 and 183 GHz measurements simulate TROPICS by differencing MWHS-2 channels, utilizing approximately 900 Category 1-5 tropical cyclones overpasses from 2013 to 2017. Proxy data are also derived from the recently launched MicroMAS-2a, but are not available to the wider community. The goal of TROPICS proxy data is to accelerate the use of mission data in operational/decision-making environments prior to the mission launch. Proxy datasets will first be available to the TROPICS Science Team for evaluation, and then will be made available to the Early Adopter community.

Download Hurricane Nature Run Release 5 (~5 GB)
Contact Ralf Bennartz for FY-3 MWHS-2 dataset
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